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CLC developed the reading and writing program to strengthen students' fluency, comprehension and creative and expository writing skills. Acquiring strong reading and writing skills at an early age can offer a student better success in advanced writing and English courses in later years. CLC instructors know that it is imperative to build young students' letter and word recognition skills, reading mechanics and high-frequency word bank in order to be successful as they promote to higher grades. Our instructors assist older students with delving much deeper into these topics and moving forward in teaching complex grammar and compositional writing. Our instructors know what your child needs in reading and writing to be successful on state standard exams! Comprehending what you read is the first step in becoming a life-long reader!

Recommended Classes

Class # Grade Class Title Time Date
RW00K K Reading & Writing for Kindergarten
RW101 1st Reading & Writing for 1st Grade
RW102 2nd Reading & Writing for 2nd Grade
RW103 3rd Reading & Writing for 3rd Grade
RW104 4th Reading & Writing for 4th Grade
RW105 5th Reading & Writing for 5th Grade
RW106 6th Reading & Writing for 6th Grade
RW107 7th Reading & Writing for 7th Grade
RW108 8th Reading & Writing for 8th Grade
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