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Parents are often faced with difficult decisions regarding the education of their children. Schools are not always able or equipped to fully address every need of every child. This can cause both top students and struggling students to be left to fend for themselves. That is where CLC can help!

Our private tutoring program is designed to help both students who are struggling, and students whose parents wish for them to be ahead. CLC offers both 1-on-1 tutoring and 1-on-2 tutoring in all subjects from math to reading to foreign languages.

Our tutors will work closely with children throughout the school year to ensure that they catch up, get ahead, and stay ahead. The first meeting will be dedicated to evaluating your child's strengths and weaknesses in the given subject. Immediately after, the tutor will work closely with you based on the results of the evaluation to decide the best course of action to enhance the educational development of your child. Throughout the school year, the tutor will continue to work with your child and adjust their personalized program based on your feedback and desires.

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