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Our math program was developed to help your child garner the skills needed for today's competitive environment. We strive to boost your child's computational, analysis, and problem-solving skills. These skills will prepare your child for various classroom challenges, as well as provide him with the foundation needed to succeed in higher-level math courses. Areas covered include: number recognition and counting, time, money, the four operations, decimals, fractions, positive and negative numbers, multiplication and long division, solving equations and graphing. You tell us what math skills your child needs assistance with and our instructors will do the rest!

Recommended Classes

Class # Grade Class Title Time Date
MA00K K Math for Kindergarten
MA101 1st Math for 1st Grade
MA102 2nd Math for 2nd Grade
MA103 3rd Math for 3rd Grade
MA104 4th Math for 4th Grade
MA105 5th Math for 5th Grade
MA106 6th Math for 6th Grade
MA107 7th Math for 7th Grade
MA108 8th Math for 8th Grade
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