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- What kind of training do CLC tutors have?
CLC's tutors are trained by experienced and certified teachers who provide them with instructional techniques, customized learning plans and goals, as well as classroom management skills. We believe that one-on-one instruction with a well-matched, professional, compassionate tutor is invaluable to a student's confidence and success.

- Can CLC give my child the individual attention he or she needs?
We assess our students to identify the best way to reach each one individually, because we understand that every student has different learning styles that work best for them. At CLC, tutors work with no more than two children at a time, and our small group classes are never more than a 1:8 ratio. At CLC, we do not simply put students in front of a computer and have them work. Our experienced teachers and tutors work directly and intensively with each student.

- What is CLC’s environment like?
CLC provides a safe, clean, friendly academic environment. To ensure safety for our students, CLC requires that all our teachers and tutors pass a background check. Our goal at CLC is to uphold a safe and comfortable learning space that fosters a desire to learn and achieve academic success.

- Will CLC work with my child's teacher or school?
CLC serves not only as an academic support to students but also a resource to parents, and with parental permission will collaborate with the student’s classroom teachers. You can expect CLC to be 100% invested in the educational goals and needs of each student from the initial consultation and assessment to the continual monitoring and reporting of his or her progress. CLC tutors and teachers will work closely with each student throughout the school year to ensure that they catch up, get ahead, and stay ahead.

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