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- Who are CLC teachers?
All our teachers are experts in their subject, and many hold advanced degrees as well as teaching credentials. Our teachers are committed to helping their students become lifelong learners through keeping the learning process exciting, challenging, and immensely rewarding for each and every student.

- Who are CLC tutors?
All our tutors are local college student who are highly trained and passionate about education. All our tutors are patience, friendly, and know how to engage and motivate students to have fun and learn.

- What size is the CLC class?
We keep our class sizes at a ratio of 1:8 in order to focus on each student’s individual needs. Our small class curriculum is designed by qualified and experienced teachers who are successful and passionate educators in their field.

- Do you offer private tutoring?
Yes, CLC offers both 1-on-1 private and 1-on-2 semi-private tutoring. Our highly individualized instruction will help students improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn new subject matter and content, and understand effective study skills. Our experienced teachers will assess each student, work with the tutor to design a learning plan, and collaborate with each student and family to set goals and report progress status. Our friendly and qualified tutors will work side by side with each student throughout the learning process and help ensure academic success.

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