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Are you having trouble locating a class that fits your needs or interests? You can create one of your own!

Tell us what class you would like, and we will survey the available CLC teachers to see if any are qualified to instruct the class you want. If we do not have teacher on staff immediately available, we will search for a new and qualified one to fulfill your needs.

For example, if there are no sign language classes offered at any nearby learning centers, but there is interest for a sign language class, CLC will find and hire a qualified sign language instructor and create a class. If the interested parents do not have a group of at least four students, CLC will advertise the availability of the class to facilitate finding other interested students.

We want to work with you to ensure that your child succeeds. Remember, CLC is your partner for your child's educational needs!

Fill out the simple form below, and one of CLC's representatives will contact you.

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