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As China is becoming a leader in world exporting, the Chinese language is rapidly becoming necessary for businessman from around the world. Statistics show that approximately 30 percent of the world's population currently speaks Chinese, and with economic changes that number continues to increase. Chinese is the fastest growing foreign language class for high school students in the United States and continues to be offered in more and more high school curriculums each day. Learning Chinese at an early age prepares your child for future cross-cultural communication. Our CLC instructors teach Chinese with a non-traditional method, where students learn while having fun and begin speaking the language in their everyday environment!

Recommended Classes

Class # Grade Class Title Time Date
CN100 1st - 2nd Beginner Chinese I
CN102 3rd - 5th Beginner Chinese II
CN103 3rd - 5th Intermediate Chinese II
CN104 6th - 8th Beginner Chinese III
CN105 6th - 8th Intermediate Chinese III
CN106 6th - 8th Advanced Chinese III
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