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7th Grade

Seventh grade is the first step in preparing your child for high school! Your child will be expected to begin to write research papers, complete elementary algebra equations and be introduced to the grammar and pronunciation of a foreign language. These lessons will be new to your child and any additional assistance your child receives will only benefit him as he continues through his education. CLC instructors are experienced in teaching middle school students the tools needed on their path to success!

Class # Grade Class Title Time Date
AR104 7th Intermediate Art
CN104 7th Beginner Chinese III
CN105 7th Intermediate Chinese III
CN106 7th Advanced Chinese III
FR103 7th Beginner French III
MA107 7th Math for 7th Grade
RW107 7th Reading & Writing for 7th Grade
SC102 7th Intermediate Science
SP104 7th Beginner Spanish III
SP105 7th Intermediate Spanish III
SP106 7th Advanced Spanish III
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